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Who We Are

glam & fame was established in 2000 as an Indie clothing line designing women’s wear for all ages. While brainstorming about the kind of clothing we Want to design, Sarit’s n Sam’s mother was a key inspirational Muse. She felt her options to shop for fun n affordable clothes That are not frumpy and expensive was rather limited. “Well what about casual expressive fun n affordable clothing For all ages?” And that just what we did. our customers are in their twenties to sixties. Our clothes are designed in Victoria BC As an independent clothing co, we are committed to producing Small quantity run in each style. So, our customers can enjoy a Product from us that is exclusive and affordable. Committed to producing ethical n affordable clothes. Production is carried out by local family tailors/seamstress Across Asia. Local craftsmen and artisans who pride themselves on their skill, passion and family heritage. We are also committed to working with and creating manufacturing opportunities with NGO’s in Asia, founded by women and empowering women of limited resources. “Ethical trade is about paying well to the people who labor and is also about charging a reasonable price to consumers"

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Designed in Canada

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